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Facing a legal issue, dilemma, or problem can be confusing, frightening, unfamiliar, or any combination thereof. That's where Shamy, Shipers and Lonski, P.C. comes in. Let our experienced lawyers navigate you through the court system and resolve your legal issues. Our practice areas include: business law, civil and commercial litigation, copyright, trademark, and entertainment law, criminal law, divorce and family law, expungement law, juvenile delinquency, municipal court, personal injury law, real estate law, wills, trusts and estates, and worker's compensation.

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Business Law


Whether you're starting a business and need help selecting the appropriate business entity for you and your needs,  drafting bylaws or employment contracts, selling or dissolving your business, or involved in a contract dispute, we are here to help. We have helped clients tackle a wide range of situations which include: entity selection (LLC (limited liability companies), partnerships, and corporations), drafting of bylaws, drafting of employment contracts, liquor licenses, tax planning and the selection of s-corp IRS status versus c-corp IRS status, contract disputes, breaches of contract, covenants not to compete, partnership agreements, dissolution of partnerships, and succession planning.

Two of our attorneys who practice business law are David Lonski and Darren M. Pfeil.

Civil and Commercial Litigation


Civil and Commercial Litigation is an expansive area of the law that is used specifically for dispute resolution. From a contract-based claim to a tort-based claim, we handle them all. We've represented numerous clients involved in whistleblower claims, sexual harassment claims, consumer fraud act claims, claims against the State of New Jersey, claims against a municipality, Tort Claims Act litigation, employment law claims, and banking litigation.

Three of our attorneys that practice in the Civil and Commercial Litigation arena are David Lonski, William J. Shipers, and Darren M. Pfeil.

Copyright, Trademark, and Entertainment Law


Navigating copyright and trademark registrations can be difficult, so let us counsel you. We have experience not just in registrations but also in protection of copyrights and trademarks, including drafting cease and desist letters and filing infringement suits. It is also important to understand ownership of these intellectual property assets, and we will help you understand how to make sure the correct person or business entity is the owner. Additionally, privacy rights and publicity rights, including use of one's likeness and image are ever-present in today's social and internet-enabled society, so they must be considered and accounted for. 

Darren M. Pfeil practices copyright, trademark, and entertainment law for the firm.

Criminal Law


Conviction of a criminal offense carries potentially devastating consequences such as jail time, fines, restitution, community service, or loss of driving privileges. Based on the severity of the offense, individuals face consequences that can alter many aspects of their personal and professional lives. Our firm has attorneys who are former county prosecutors as well as attorneys who have numerous years of experience shielding clients from the full force of the criminal justice system. Whether you are facing an indictable or non-indictable offense (New Jersey doesn't call them "felonies" or "misdemeanors"), it's crucial to act quickly to protect yourself from potential life-changing consequences. At Shamy, Shipers & Lonski, P.C., we defend clients facing a wide range of charges, including burglary, theft, robbery, drug crimes, school zone offenses, weapons offenses, sex crimes, terroristic threats, and conspiracy charges. While many people equate DWI with a criminal offense, those are prosecuted in municipal court, which our firm handles as well.

One attorney practicing criminal law is William J. Shipers.

Divorce and Family Law


Sharing personal information is often uncomfortable, but knowing you're in competent hands with experienced lawyers should ease some of that tension. At Shamy, Shipers & Lonski, P.C., our family lawyers have helped countless clients with unique and complex family court legal proceedings. While typically equated with divorce, our family lawyers are equipped to handle a broad range of family law matters including, divorce or dissolution of marriage, asset and debt division, child custody, child support, spousal support, domestic violence (and accompanying issues such as weapons forfeiture), temporary and final restraining orders, matrimonial mediation, and adoption. If dissolution of your marriage is the best possible solution for your future, it is imperative you act quickly to protect yourself and your interests. Our attorneys will aggressively fight on your behalf through mediation or court litigation.

One attorney practicing divorce and family law is Robert J. MacNiven.

Expungement Law


You've screwed up in the past. You're reformed and you want your criminal history expunged. Our lawyers have endless experience dealing with expungements, one of whom judicially clerked for a judge who heard expungement applications. Schedule a consultation to see whether you qualify for an expungement of your criminal record.

One attorney practicing expungement law is Darren M. Pfeil.

Juvenile Delinquency


In New Jersey, "delinquency" refers to any offense committed by a person less than 18 years old, which if committed by an adult, would be a violation of a criminal statute or ordinance. Our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your client from undesirable outcomes such as incarceration and formal probation. If a juvenile commits a particularly serious offense, the Code of Juvenile Justice allows a prosecutor to move the case from Family Court, where delinquency matters are heard, to the Criminal Court, where adult matters are prosecuted. If this happens, the juvenile would receive the exact same sentences as an adult who has committed the same offense, up to and including New Jersey State Prison. This should be avoided at all costs, and our attorneys will fight for you to prevent this.

William J. Shipers and Kelley W. Lavery would be happy to discuss your juvenile delinquency matter.

Municipal Court


DWI? Traffic violations? Simple Assault? Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams? Schedule an appointment at Shamy, Shipers & Lonski, P.C. We have tested experience defending clients in municipal court who have been charged with driving under the influence, traffic violations, simple assault, criminal trespass, possession of marijuana under 50 grams, shoplifting, minor theft charges, harassment, local ordinance violations, and other disorderly persons offenses. DWI charges carry some of the most serious penalties, including loss of driving privileges and possible incarceration. Contact our firm immediately for a consultation and to retain one of our attorneys to defend you vigorously in municipal court.

William J. Shipers, Kelley W. Lavery, and Darren M. Pfeil are experienced municipal court attorneys.

Personal Injury Law


Accidents and injuries can occur at nearly any time -- at work, while driving a car, while crossing the street or even when using a seemingly safe product. If you or a loved one was injured due to someone else's negligence or inattention, you might be entitled to recover monetary compensation. Contact our firm to learn more about your legal options through a personal injury lawsuit. We are tenacious in dealing with the liable party's insurance carrier as well as representing our clients in court. It is our goal to recover monetary damages for lost wages, medical bills, and property damages, as well as maximizing compensation for pain and suffering. Personal injury cases we handle include: motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, hazardous or dangerous products, nursing home abuse, products liability, premises liability, traumatic brain injuries, slip-and-fall accidents, and dog bites.

Two of our attorneys that practice personal injury law are William J. Shipers and Kelley W. Lavery.

Real Estate Law


Real estate matters are divided into either transactions or litigation. Real estate transactions pertain to buying or selling residential property or commercial property. We represent both buyers and sellers, reviewing or drafting contracts, sending attorney review letters, ordering title work and surveys, reviewing title searches, reviewing inspection reports, and negotiating inspection repairs and credits. Real estate litigation encompasses nearly every dispute that occurs after the property has changed hands, whether it be a contract dispute, Home or Condominium Associations dispute, title disputes, or boundary disputes.

Attorneys practicing in this area include Darren M. Pfeil, David Lonski, and William J. Shipers.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates


No matter your health, wealth, or age, it is always a wise time to consider what will happen to your estate after you pass away. Our estate planning attorneys understand the trepidation with which many individuals consider their own mortality, so it is our goal to guide clients through the process of developing comprehensive estate planning documents that cover contingencies and explicitly describe your wishes regarding who gets what and when, as well as your wishes regarding end of life care. We draft a wide range of documents including wills, trusts (including special needs trusts and charitable trusts), financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, living will, and property ownership documentation (including joint tenancy and tenancy in common).

David Lonski and Robert J. MacNiven both practice this area of law.

Worker's Compensation


It is not uncommon for employees to get hurt at work. Worker's compensation claims generally arise from one of three situations. First, a single accident, such as an instance of a worker falling down stairs, dropping a heavy object on his/her foot, or a crush injury on heavy industrial machinery. Second, repetitive motions, which include injuries typically due to performing the same task over and over for weeks, months, or years. Joints and connective tissue can quickly break down leading to muscle strain or chronic joint pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also another example. Third, toxic exposure, in which some workers are breathing in air or are handling chemicals that have disastrous effects on their health. This includes breathing in asbestos fibers or working with hazardous chemicals. 

Two attorneys who practice worker's compensation for the firm are Kelley W. Lavery and William J. Shipers.